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Low Libido? This Will Help Elevate You

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Men all over the world suffer in silence with a diminishing libido—this affects not only their ego and sense of manhood, but also affects the partners of these men. Sex is a natural and healthy part of a relationship; and when one of the partners cannot or does not have the desire to please the other person, a serious drift in the union eventually leads to the end of an otherwise healthy and happy relationship. 

WonderNut has pondered on this problem, which causes many people great suffering, and has introduced a healthy and safer alternative to the drugs seen on the market today. This new product, called WonderNut’s Hot Chigwan Libido Booster, has seven 100% natural ingredients that combine to help a man relive his youth and reclaim his failing relationship. 

It’s important to understand that most men who are suffering with a low libido desperately want to solve the problem, not just for themselves, but for the relationships they have. Intimacy is the one thing men can share with their partners privately. Stress and anxiety, especially in this fast-paced world, are, according to Dr Irwin Goldstein, the director of sexual medicine at San Diego’s Alvarado Hospital, one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and other factors of low libido. Dr Goldstein also wrote candidly about this issue in an article for WebMD.

The good news is that even with psychological, physiological or hormonal causes, this new 100% natural product, finally gives men the hope they need to overcome this burdensome problem.

Hot Chigwan Libido Booster has seven natural ingredients. WonderNut has introduced this product because of the high demand for this sensitive issue – and it’s important to know what goes inside this new, promising product. 

1. Mpesu

Mpesu, also known Securidaca Longepeduculata, is the root and bark extract from the tree, which is indigenous to South Africa. Many tests on rats have been undertaken in laboratory conditions in which it has shown to relax the male organs and help the male feel comfortable enough to perform. It has effects on the arteries and even the skeletal tissues surrounding the muscles. Normal blood flow becomes apparent and therefore admits the blood needed to enlarge the organ for healthy sexual functioning.

2. Horny Goat Weed

This traditional Chinese medicinal herb is also known as Epimedium, which has an active ingredient called icariin. This helps to restore damaged nerves and is especially important when it comes to erectile dysfunction since the natural ingredient of the Horny Goat Weed helps to revive the nerve endings of the impaired muscle tissues of the sex organ. Research shows very promising results. Moreover, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Clinic has provided research-driven studies that show Horny Goat Weed to be a great helper in strengthening bones and tissues, especially for cancer patients; and also provides a great response to the aiding in nerve repair with regard to erectile dysfunction.

3. Korean Ginseng

Intensive research has shown that Korean Ginseng, which is one of WonderNut’s seven ingredients in the Hot Chigwan Libido Booster product, helps to restore normal erectile functioning to a great degree. The compounds, according to respected studies, within this natural product show great signs in preventing stress on the blood vessels and tissues of the penis, which help to restore the natural functioning of sexual activity. Other studies also showed that Korean Ginseng helps to restore natural blood flow to the sexual organ.  Finally, the clinical efficacy of this ingredient was tested scientifically and showed that men had a 60% increase in their libido compared to other drugs on the market, which only showed a 30% increase. This means that WonderNut’s Hot Chigwan Libido Booster has the potential to improve a person’s low libido by double than what prescription medicine promises. 

4. Mondia Whitei

The well-respected online medical journal, Healthline, has listed Mondia Whitei, a plant, as one of the trusted and most well-researched natural products that help boost a low libido. According to a study, this ingredient, which is part of WonderNut’s new Hot Chigwan Libido Booster, has the right, natural compounds to act as a working aphrodisiac as well as a supplement to help improve sperm count. 

5. Oyster Extract 

It’s been widely known that oysters are considered as a natural aphrodisiac—however, scientific studies were not advanced enough in the 1700s to show scientific proof of this promise to improve a suffering libido. Today is a different story. Scientific studies have shown that oyster extract has definite and positive links to improving erectile dysfunction as well as normalising the libido. Since zinc is the most profound compound found in oyster extract, it follows logically that zinc will have an effect in the blood stream when consumed. Zinc is responsible for the production of testosterone. Having a higher testosterone hormone count in the body helps with the desire as well as with the enhancing of a better sexual life. Finally, there is also a concentration of vitamin D, which, combined with zinc, has shown in this article by Healthy Diet Base, to improve sexual arousal.

6. Potency Powder 

Backed by scientific research, this ingredient in the 100% natural product WonderNut has introduced, under the name Hot Chigwan Libido Booster, has the power to enhance and improve a slowing down libido. Another study released 10 years ago, showed that this potency powder dramatically improved the sexual desire in those treated. With such evidence, it became apparent that this new 100% natural product had to be included in WonderNut’s Chigwan Libido Booster since its natural ingredients are overwhelmingly suggestive of the promise to improve a person’s libido.

7. Wild Yam

Wild Yam is a tropical flowering plant in which the root is used for its benefits in improving the production of hormones connected with low libidos in both men and women. According to a study, the injection of this compound showed a great increase in sexual activity and desire. Diosgenin, which is the compound found in the wild yam, is the extract used primarily to help treat libido problems in men and women. It helps to activate the oestrogen hormone in women, which acts as a stimulator for better sexual health. 

What’s important to remember is that WonderNut’s Hot Chigwan Libido Booster is a supplement that can help a person suffering from a low libido from both a physiological standpoint as well as from a psychological one. Once confidence can be restored in a person, the act itself becomes more natural. Psychology has shown that a low sex drive is often caused by stress and depression – and with these depressing feelings, the performance and desire suffer. This leads to a shattering of confidence – the confidence needed to be virile and active with another person. Therefore, by using this 100% natural product, it may be the boost you need to help repair the physical aspects of a low libido while preparing you to feel more confident in your intimate moments. 


Written by: Claudio Milo



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