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It is only natural that WonderNut would take on the challenge to find better ways to improve the human condition, and for this reason, what with WonderNut’s core concern in providing 100% natural supplements to aid in various illnesses as well as to promote general healthy living, that WonderNut is proud to introduce a fully-equipped Wellness Centre, headed by Dr Anette du Toit, in which space three state-of-the-art machines are ready to help detect, prevent and potentially heal the many illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and poor blood circulation, to mention a few. 

Before we delve into the details of the mechanisms of this ground-breaking technology, it is important to understand the biology of the human body in order to have a clearer appreciation for the reasons why you should consider using this innovative therapy, which incidentally was inspired by NASA’s scientists.

Our bodies operate as a whole, but at a much closer investigation, our bodies can only operate if the cells are healthy. Cells need to be healthy in order for your body’s tissues, sinews, muscles and organs to work as one unit. Logic therefore follows to show that if your cells are suffering from a lack of oxygen, no number of vitamins or other remedies will be able to help. It is important to work at the heart of the body; that is, at the cellular level. — This is precisely at which WonderNut’s latest therapy works.

With three therapeutic and medically-advanced systems, WonderNut offers you the opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle. Let’s see what each of these machines do and how they can benefit you today:

1. The Ozone Therapy Capsule

If you are interested in living a longer and healthier life or if you suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, allergies, depression, cancer, osteoarthritis or a weak immune system, then WonderNut’s Ozone Therapy Capsule is the perfect and only advanced multi-functional system with scientific evidences to improve your health from the inside. 

If you think of a problem such as wrinkles – people may opt for a face-lift, but what such people may not realise is that this is only a fix of the surface and not below the surface. If the cells are healthy and vibrant, a youthfulness and natural elasticity will ultimately lead to a fresher appearance, not to mention a healthier one, without having to go under the knife.

In the capsule, you will be asked to undress. The capsule will heat up the way a sauna does. This will enable the pores on your skin to open. Sweat will pour out naturally, releasing toxins. At this point the Ozone Capsule will unleash pure, clean oxygen onto your skin’s surface. 

The laws of physics support this process unequivocally in that “diffusion” occurs. Diffusion is the movement of molecules (in this case, oxygen) from a high concentration (from the Capsule) to a low concentration (your body’s cells) until an equilibrium has been reached – until your body’s cells have received the oxygen it needs to perform at its optimal level. 

If your cells are rejuvenated and active, now that they have received the pure, clean oxygen from the Ozone Capsule, they can perform as they should. This means that your tissues, muscles and organs will receive the nutrients and the oxygen they need to operate. The brain needs oxygen in order to operate – every organ needs oxygen to function. Without oxygen, not even the best foods can be digested properly. That’s why it is imperative to feed your body at the base of its operation. 

Pathogens, which are the bacteria or other micro-organisms that cause disease, produce an acidic environment with a combination of carbon dioxide. Cancer thrives and grows in such environments. However, with an increase of pure oxygen being given as fuel to your cells, the chances of an alkaline environment is more likely to exist, changing the pH levels, and thereby cutting off the food supply to certain cancers and other diseases. 

2. The Vacumed Therapy Tank

WonderNut’s introduction of this technologically-advanced system was developed in conjunction with the respected German Space Agency in which its reports, coinciding with the tests carried out by NASA, have verified “…drastic capillary dilation…”. This is especially important for those suffering with diabetes since poor blood circulation is one of the most commonly reported ailments, especially found in the extremities of the body. By enlarging the arteries, blood has a better chance of passing through the veins and giving the much-needed oxygen and nutrient supplies to the areas in the body that would otherwise not receive sufficient oxygen in order to operate properly.  

One of the most significant benefits of this treatment from WonderNut is its capability to improve lymph drainage. This is important for those suffering with diabetes as well as women with breast cancer since, as reports show, a good lymph drainage can help prevent cancer from spreading throughout the lymphatic system and invading other organs. 

At WonderNut’s Vacumed Therapy Tank, two vital therapies will occur; namely, a lower pressure phase, followed by a normal pressure phase. In the former stage, the pulsations from the Tank expand the arteries, allowing a better blood-flow to pass through the body as well as ensuring an oxygen-enriched cell count. This new, fresh oxygenated blood will permeate the body and reach the organs, especially the extremities from which most people suffering from diabetes need the most circulation. In the latter phase, the Therapy Tank helps return the deoxygenated blood away from the organs, flushing it out of the system naturally. This ebb and flow is the basic principle of the lymphatic system; and for those with poor blood circulation problems or even for those with verrucous veins and cellulite, this advanced method of therapy will dramatically improve the health of such individuals. 

Certification was issued by Weyergans High Care with an audit in compliance with the authority. Furthermore, WonderNut’s Vacumed Tank has been signed by Dr Wildanger fa respected European community-based forum for the investigation and certification of data, surveillance and medical equipment, has issued an “established quality system” for WonderNut’s Vacumed Therapy Tank for the “medical devices and physical therapy”. 

3. Quantum Resonance Analyser 

This is the third innovative and non-invasive high-tech machinery that WonderNut has introduced for the procurement of aiding people primarily with a preventative method for a better lifestyle.

As Dr du Toit explains, “This Analyser can make a comprehensive examination to the human body, and after the test thirty-two health reports can be obtained.”

This non-invasive testing is a simple procedure in which a full analysis of your body will be analysed through a resonance magnet system. There are over thirty items it can process, which include the condition of the cardiovascular as well as the cerebrovascular systems. The bone mineral density as well as trace elements of mercury or other harmful compounds can be detected in one sitting. Rheumatism, the lung, the stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder, the prostate, the cranial nerves as well as nephropathy can be analysed for the prevention of potential diseases. Elements are detected easily, which can tell you if you have a zinc deficiency, for example. Calcium and iron are also checked in this Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser. 

To understand this better, it should be known that your body’s cells are continuously splitting; that is, they are growing, regenerating and dying. The speed at which this occurs is rapid and can be traced through electromagnetic waves only. WonderNut’s Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser picks up on these waves emitted by the body. Each wave represents a particular condition in the body. Through this, health professionals at WonderNut can advise on which areas of your body are functioning at a normal rate as well as what nutrients your body is lacking. 

“This health check is entirely safe,” Dr du Toit says, adding that, “this form of therapy can detect health changes before obvious symptoms of a specific disease become apparent. Early detection,” Dr du Toit emphasises, “is key to preventing serious and irreversible illnesses.”

With these three innovative and advanced machines at your disposal, WonderNut encourages all people, healthy people too, to make an appointment and find a better way to live a life with less pain. The hope these machines offer for the millions out there is remarkable and potentially lifesaving. 

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Written by Claudio Milo

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