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You're taking medicine to get better, so the last thing you want to do is prolong your misery by eating the wrong foods. Food has quite a severe impact on the effectiveness on medicines. In fact, food interacts with antibiotics in three ways; it blocks the absorption of the drugs, slows down the rate at which the drug is absorbed or interferes with the way your body breaks down the drug.

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There is a big difference between losing weight and losing fat cells. Losing weight make fat cells smaller. Losing weight does not reducing fat cells or make them go away. Yes, we can lose fat cells. You are not born with certain numbers of fat cells. Instead your fat cells increase throughout childhood until early adulthood. Once you reach adulthood, your number of fat cells stay constant. 

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Aluminum is playing a serious role in neurotoxic and can cause many neurological diseases, including dementia, autism and Parkinson’s disease. High levels of aluminum in the brain can also cause Alzheimer’s.

When aluminum vapors has been ingested every time your nose catches cigarette smoke, aluminum particles are send direct into the lungs and passes into the bloodstream. They are distributed through the body, including the bones and the brain. There is also a link between aluminum and diseases such as breast cancer and neurological disorders.

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