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There is no cure for cancer, yet. 

Cancer can, however, be treatable, giving the patient a longer expected lifespan whilst enduring cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The problem with these methods is that it not only destroys the cancer cells but also the good, healthy cells, which leads the patient to onsets of fatigue and issues a major susceptibility for other bacteria since the immune system slowly withers away due to the chemical treatments. 

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Mood-swings, ups and downs, depression, anxiety—these are all part of this new, fast-paced world in which we live. You’re up early, you have to help the children prepare for school, you have to wash and dress for work, then there’s the traffic; and then there’s the boss. 

How do you deal with it all?

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Nowadays there’s a pill for almost everything. Depressed? Here, take 2mgs twice a day. Ironically, most antidepressants such as SSRIs come with a “side-effect” warning against having suicidal thoughts.

There may be a pill for everything, but there still isn’t one for cancer. There are also two other pills we do not have; that is, pills for “anti-side-effects” of the pills you’ve just ingested. Nor is there a magical “anti-addiction pill” for the one you’ve been on for a minor back pain ten years ago.

It is evidenced that this generation is becoming more and more awakened by the appealing and untapped healing powers of natural, organic herbs.

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Since the largest organ of the body is the skin, it should follow logically that the care it needs must be followed proportionately. The skin is often neglected because the symptoms of anything serious do not become apparent as quickly as other organs such as the heart or the stomach—but this does not mean your skin should be ignored. 

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